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Hand Type Date Coding Machine
Small size, clear imprinting, easy to change tape

A convenient, quick and standard hand typed date coding machine, all in made in Taiwan.  One who wishes to be good at his work should sharpen his tools first.  Owning a superior machine can help you to yield twice the result with half the effort, and it is suitable for factory, supermarket, family, and so on.  With DP-8D Hand Type Date Coding Machine, hand writing for MFG, LOT, EXP and something else is not necessary anymore. 

1. Made in Taiwan:  This machine selects the high quality materials and adopts the superb alum alloy and stainless steel, with compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, small and exquisite.

2. Option of letter setting, changeable of printing direction:  It introduces the international latest thermal printing ribbon, which can replace the oil ink and can print out the clear words on any soft packing material and leather, cloth, paper, trademark and small paper box, without toxin and pollution, convenient words replacing.

3. Option of printing lines from 1 to 3, durable of color tape, not easy to discolor:  Having wide usage and it’s especially suitable for printing work with less volume and many varieties.  Suitable for cartons and plastic bags were made of PEOPPPVCaluminumtinfoil… etc.

4. Attached one operation manual and one box to store the painting letters.
With this machine, the manual helps you pick up the skills of operation of the machine quickly, and you can just use the painting letters which have already been stored into the box.
 It is acceptable for you to set your own painting letters. (P.S. Only with Hand Type Date Coding Machine can make it.)

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