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Weed Grabber
Save your back and knees while weeding!!

 Nowadays, a lot of people like plant some trees and flowers in their leisure time.  For such of activities, they are not feeling board.  But something you have to know: there are a lot of bacteria in the soil would hurt your health.  Besides, body bend to long will also make you back and knees degenerating.  Remember, enjoy the happy time of planting but care your health carefully.  Avoid back strain and reduce arthritic pain.

 Using JIA HAO Weed Grabber without kneeling, crawling and bending.  Weed Grabber make weeding and effortless.  No more kneeling, stretching, sore knees, or aching muscles.  Just push the 3-prong head over the base of the weed and turn -- ratchet action makes it easy to turn a full 360 degrees-then simply pull the weed out, roots and all.  What the easy process: only 4
*Push down over weed
*Turn with ratchet function
*Pull out
*Push the Quick-Release button

   When weeds are cut down with a lawnmower or shredded with a weed whacker, they often grow back thicker than before. That's because common gardening tools leave the root undamaged.  Pull out the entire weed with its roots (The best way to kill weeds is to yank them out by the roots.) with few seconds.  Rotates with ratchet function -- turn without changing your grip.  Perfect for those with limited mobility, aching joints, weak muscles or back problems.  Moreover, avoid you hands and fingers to touch the bacteria of sand or soil.  Train children help to do some housework with simple-using, quick and safety.

 Please don’t confuse with inferior models.  Not only all products are come from Taiwan but having ISO certification.  We promise the durable construction of aluminum, consist of steel and ABS plastic.  After you own the JIA HAO Weed Grabber, you will find weeding is has become easy, fun and interesting.

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